Winter Blues

Every year the winter blues seize my spirit and seem to wreak havoc in my life.  This winter is no different as the cold temperatures trap me indoors and force me to abandon my love and appreciation of a good walk.  A good walk is often my source for clarity and quiet contemplation.  The latter is hard to come by these days and so I sit here uninspired and congested with pesky “to do lists.” A good walk is also my main source of exercise. So, not only do I lack scope for the creative blessings in life, but I find myself with an “extra five or ten pounds” of winter weight.  But alas, I digress.

This past week my winter blues were especially rampant.  I found myself suffocating in the suburbs and starving for spring.  Unable to swap seasons, I did the next best thing: arranged for a dinner date with my love . Post Valentine’s I decided we needed to venture out and explore the culinary delights of Princeton.  While in New York City we ate our way through several dining experiences, which afforded us the opportunity to savor many flavors, but most importantly, relish in the company of one another.

A quick Google search, followed by some yelp reviews, and an open table reservation later, I decided Eno Terra would be our first culinary adventure since our move.  Yes, we’ve eaten out since we’ve claimed resident status, but chain restaurants, while convenient, don’t count.  Eno Terra was the perfect place to relieve me of the winter blues.  From its local, organic menu to its modern decor, it brought me back to a place of appreciation for suburban living.

I’m not a restaurant reviewer and I’m certainly not a connoisseur of what’s popular.  I’m a struggling suburban writer ensconced  in my little world and happily navigating suburbia one day at a time.  In the midst of my winter blues I found happiness in Kingston, New Jersey.  Thanks Eno Terra. Your menu was delicious, but now a walk is certainly in order…


And so it begins…

Hello from the suburbs! I’m writing to you from the scenic and sensational suburb otherwise known as Princeton, New Jersey.  Growing up in the suburbs of Buffalo, New York I came to appreciate serene, but eclectic environments. However, I also felt I was destined to experience the madness of a metropolis. This past year my husband and I had the incredible opportunity to embark upon our urban adventures amidst the magic that is Manhattan.  I savored every second of the experience, but fate would send us packing to Princeton. 


So here I am in Princeton.  Princeton is anchored by the university, saturated in history, and  full of expensive quirkiness. I desire for this blog to become a place where I explore the solace of the suburbs. Welcome.