House Hunters

I’m an avid HGTV fan, but I can no longer stomach the show House Hunters.  We’re on the market for a home, and HGTV presents a fairy tale experience. I love fairy tales, but magic, mystery and fantasy is void in house hunting. In fact, house hunting is centered on a sobering reality. House Hunting is not glamorous, nor is it a three house scenario, which is then narrowed down to one. May I present House Hunters via Mercer County, New Jersey.  “For 400,000 this two bedroom, one bath condo in Princeton can be yours…”

I grew up in Western New York, so needless to say, I’ve had to undergo a price education in order to cope with the New Jersey housing market.  We’ve looked at several homes, but the search continues.  However, it’s been fun exploring new communities and learning what each has to offer.  Every town has a unique appeal, so I’m hopeful about the process.

I’m starting to realize HGTV home improvement shows might be a more practical viewing choice.  If not, perhaps I should bring my flip camera and enter the world of television production. If nothing else, there’s lots of laughter and love in our journey.