Library Love

I’ve always loved a trip to the library.  To me, there’s no better place for peace and productivity. Shamefully, it’s been awhile since my last visit. This summer I intend to visit the library on a weekly basis.

Today I’m headed out to the West Windsor library to pick up some books, explore some program opportunities, and savor the silence.  I’ve never done yoga, but my meditation occurs in the stacks. 

Here’s my summer library lineup… *proud nerd alert*

West Windsor 


Princeton University

New York Public Library–my all time favorite library. Cliche, but true. 

I’m hoping to visit each library multiple times in an effort to accomplish some serious writing and wandering.

Until next time. 



Sweet Summer

It’s been awhile. When I started this blog I intended to write and post almost daily. Per usual, I took on too much and found myself immersed in the chaos of the calendar.  But alas, summer vacation has arrived. I’m ready to embrace and express myself via “the blog.”

To begin, I created a wonderful suburban life this year.  I spend my days teaching and often skip into the classroom, or as I call it, my second home.  I had a bright and bold group of students this semester. Their words made me crave the craft ever more.  In addition, I’m able to pursue my passion because of the unending love and support of my husband. Life is good.

Now onto business…

We’re still on the house hunt.  I’ve lost count on how many homes we’ve seen, visited, and considered.  I remain hopeful for a home and grateful for wine. Amen.

As for my suburban adventures, let me begin with the best event discovery to date: Communiversity.  There’s something magical about walking down Nassau with a beer in hand on a beautiful spring day.  Sponsored by the Arts Council of Princeton, this event features artists, crafters, entertainers, and food vendors.  It’s a taste of the town, literally and figuratively.  I walked around like a kid on Christmas morning, and I’m already anxiously awaiting the 2014 festivities.

I’d also like to give a virtual hug to the township of Robbinsville.  I was able to spend some quality time in the Town Center, which I learned is highly debated by past and present Robbinsville residents. Coming from New York City it’s refreshing to see a metropolitan-like development, with an emphasis on walking and neighborly access to shops and restaurants.  It’s a fun place to explore and seems filled with possibilities.

A few weeks ago I ventured to Spring Lake for the first time and it captured my attention and imagination instantly.  I’m already yearning for more sunshine and salt water, so I’m sure more shore exploration is in order.

Summer officially kicks off Memorial Day Weekend. I’m headed to Saratoga and Lake George.

This summer I’m anxious to explore and embrace more of New Jersey. If you’re out there, anyone, feel free to forward suggestions.  Until then, so long from the suburbs.