Wise Words and Awesome Acts: The Power of Pinterest

As an English teacher, I’m drawn to the power of words. Words inspire, words change, words comfort, and words matter. Recently I’ve noticed an influx of social media posts that capture the power and passion of a person via words. There’s countless news articles, blog posts, and stories that make their way throughout the World Wide Web, each encapsulating a lesson, moral, or agenda. Regardless of the content and its original intent, people re-post, people share, and people read. It’s words that haunt us, humor us, or heal us. I often tell my students to use their words wisely because words are sometimes our greatest weapon, lesson, or truth.

For months I’ve been battling a silent addiction…to Pinterest. If you’re not familiar with this website then consider yourself warned. It allows you to “pin” ideas from a wide variety of sources and people. It’s a crafter’s paradise, a decorator’s dream, a foodie’s heaven, etc. Essentially, it’s a shopping mall for inspiration.

Usually my pins are what I call “surface” wanderings. There’s nothing too deep, personal, or poignant about my Pinterest account. Rather, my suburban goddess unleashes as I attempt to decorate like Nate Burkas, cook like Emeril Lagasse, and craft like Martha-no last name needed.

However, I recently stumbled across a pin entitled “Random Acts of Christmas Kindness,” and I couldn’t help but explore further. The pin took me to another blog, and because words are magical, I was mesmerized. I loved reading the blog and feeling the kindness permeate my page. So here I am…inspired, changed, and comforted by words, but now it’s time to act. Coming December 1st -25th, my effort to marry wise words to awesome acts. I want kindness to matter, now more than ever before.