I left my heart in San Francisco

To begin, hello! Whenever I blog I imagine the reaction of readership. I envision someone taking the time out of their day to read my thoughts and share in my experiences. With this said, I’m sending you peace and love on this fabulous Friday.

This was my first full week back to work since vacation.

We started our trip in heavenly Healdsburg, California, which was oozing charm and character at every corner. We savored the best of Sonoma’s wine and drank in the majestic mountains that surrounded us. We also ventured to Napa, which was equally serene and sensational. Ultimately, it was the perfect place for us. We tasted wine, walked, biked, explored, shopped, etc.  Our only agenda was to enjoy ourselves, and we excelled at relaxation. Our final leg of the trip was a stop in San Francisco.

Tony Bennett sang it best as I certainly left my heart in San Francisco. I had never visited northern California so I came to San Fran with no expectations or pre-conceived notions. Each hill, neighborhood, or attraction made me more excited for the next, and this northeastern gal envisioned herself as a Californian. From the landscape to the culture, I was fascinated with the pace and presence of San Francisco. Our final day was my favorite as we walked to Coit Tower, which provided a breathtaking view of the city, its neighborhoods, and the coast. I stood atop the hill feeling wonderful, blessed, and at peace. The latter was comforting as the pace of life often makes peace difficult to establish, retain, and relish.  This vacation provided me with countless memories and experiences that I’ll forever cherish.

Now it’s time for reality, which is okay by me. I have new places to recall, experiences to reflect upon, and dreams to delve into.


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